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Mazda 3 Navigation SD Card for 7" full-color touchscreen display BHP166EZ1L

Mazda 3 Navigation   SD Card for 7" full-color touchscreen display BHP166EZ1L
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Product Description
Do you need to add Mazda GPS Navigation to your 2015 2016 2017 2018 Mazda 3 ? All you need is an Mazda Navigation Upgrade SD Card for 7" full-color touchscreen display. Mazda's fully integrated Navigation SD card works seamlessly with your Mazda Connect system. Bringing you maps, directions and more - all displayed on your car's touch screen.
Once the SD card is installed in a vehicle it cannot be transferred to another vehicle. Applies to vehicles with the Mazda Connect system and screen but without navigation from the factory.
2015 2016 Mazda3 (with Mazdaconnect) NAVIGATION SYSTEM SD CARD CAUTION When installing a navigation SD card, confirm that the card is unlocked. Also, Mazda Does Not Recommend swapping navigation system SD cards from one vehicle to another. Based on data collected by the The SD card is VIN-locked when either of the below conditions are met:
1. After first installation of a new SD card, the vehicle has been driven 62 miles (100 Km). Note If the SD card is installed with the tab at the “LOCK” side, the navigation system will not operate. Note If a SD card with VIN-locked condition is installed to another vehicle, there will be an error message “Invalid SD Card” on the center display.

2. The SD Card was removed from the first vehicle (A) before 62 mile drive, and then installed on another vehicle (B). In this case, the SD card is VIN-locked for the vehicle (B) at the instant the card is inserted.
If a SD card with VIN-locked condition is installed to another vehicle, there will be an error message “Invalid SD Card” on the center display.

Fits: CX-3 Sport   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-3 Touring   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-9 Grand Touring   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-9 Signature   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-9 Sport   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-9 Touring   2016 to 2017
Fits: Mazda3 4-Door Grand Touring   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 4-Door Sport   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 4-Door Touring   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 5-Door 2.5 Touring   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 5-Door Grand Touring   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 5-Door Sport   2017 to 2018
Fits: Mazda3 5-Door Touring   2017 to 2018
Fits: MX-5 Miata Club   2016 to 2016
Fits: MX-5 Miata Club RF   2017
Fits: MAZDA3 4-Door i Sport   2015 to 2016
Fits: MAZDA3 4-Door i Touring   2015 to 2016
Fits: MAZDA3 5-Door i Sport   2015 to 2016
Fits: MAZDA3 5-Door i Touring   2015 to 2016
Fits: MAZDA6 Sport   2016 to 2017
Fits: MAZDA6 Touring   2016 to 2017
Fits: CX-5 Sport   2016
Fits: CX-5 Touring   2016
Fits: CX-5 Grand Touring   2016

Need more info on Mazda Connect and Map Updates? Click here

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

5 out of 5, Based on 29 Reviews.
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I would like to know if this SD nav works out of North America
Nav sd card

Card came promptly, works perfectly.
The real thing

Earlier I purchased 2 navigation cards from Amazon that were fraudulent copies and would not work with Mazda toolbox. Then I purchased a navigation card from Med Center Mazda which worked perfectly with my car and with Mazda Toolbox and now I have 3 years of free map updates. Thanks!
Very satisgied
Tallmadge Ohio

Received card in a timely fashion. Installed in
A matter of minutes. Working perfectly on our 2018
Mazda3 Touring.
Thank you
Worth every penny!
Fargo, ND

Great price, and it works like a charm. Our 2020 CX-5 GT Premium didn't come with navigation like our identical 2017 had. The dealer said it was because of the integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Those were a pain to use and my phone would be super hot afterwards, so I decided it was time.

Once I popped the card in it was back to normal. The cross streets showed up and the speed limit and other signs were displayed. They're not essential, but so nice to have and when we need navigation we're all set. And my wife is happy again!

Thanks for a great price and fast shipping!
Great Navigation System

I inserted the navigation chip and it was up and running immediately. This one is even better than my 2018 Mazda 6 navigation. I love the way it displays the speed limit on the display as well as the heads-up.
Quick and Easy Map Program install
Sheboygan, Wi

Ordered this for my 2020CX5 Grand Touring Reserve. Was shipped very fast and installed easily. I would highly suggest you read online installation directions before you start just to understand how it all works. Pretty easy.
Nav SD Card

Was looking for a reputable company to buy this chip. Found it here for 20% off what my local Mazda dealership was selling it for. Fast shipping! Plugged into my vehicle and started right up.
No issues. Will certainly shop here again.

Like the Youtube video shows, just plug it in and everything works. A manual would have been nice, but you can find one online. The system itself works OK, there's a definite learning curve. Integration with the instrument cluster and heads up display is a big plus! Same day shipping another plus. I've just ordered a set of Mazda mats from Med Center Mazda.
MX-5 Navigation Card

Received SD Nav card promptly and like magic the navigation in my 2018 Club works perfectly. Card was up to date and less than other sources. Buy with confidence.
MX-5 Nav Card

A $100 savings over dealer price. An OEM card that comes with the manual. The nav system is working perfectly. The screen presentation is a bit different from other mapping devices (Garmin, google etc.), but perfectly acceptable. The fulfillment of my order from Med Center was exemplary. The card & manual were in my mailbox two days after placing my order.
Great navigation system!
Arlington, tx.

Well, first of all I was drawn to this purchase from you because of the price difference compared to my Mazda dealership! I saved exactly $100 because there were no taxes included! YEAH!!
The navigation system works very well and gives me, the well known speed bunny, the opprtunity to see the speed limit sign turn red when I drive too fast!
This alone is worth having it to me.
Thank you for a great product at a great price!!

Great addition to daughters Mazda3 sport. Very easy to install. Worked great on 1700 mile trip without any issues. Only issue is occasionally looses tracking, but quickly adjust.
2016 CX-5 Navigation

Perfect addition to my Sport! Much cheaper than the dealership wanted. Thanks so much!!
Super easy
Voorhees, NJ

Fast delivery, easy to install, and Works great. Could not be happier.
San Francisco

Great price. Great support. Why pay a dealer $300.00 more to install an SD card? It worked immediately. Thanks!

Works like a charm on my 2016 Mazda 3---ridiculously easy to install, up & running within 60 seconds. Bought other items with the $80 I saved by buying here instead of dealership.
Mazda MX-5 Miata Navigation SD Card
Houston, TX

2 day free shipping was great; arrived on time. Card worked perfectly upon installation. I would recommend MedCenter for this part and I'd use them again if I need any other parts
2016 Nav Card
Lake Zurich,IL

I found a good deal for the nav card here/ placed my order/ it got to me in record time with good follow up in regards to delivery time etc.It installed seamlessly with no glitches...Thanks
SD Card for 2016 CX-5 Nav
Seattle, WA

Everything as expected -- which is a great thing. The navigation card arrived as promised, complete with the manual, and thus far it's working flawlessly. Purchased for a new 2016 CX-5 Touring.
CX-5 Nav SD card
Stone Mountain GA

Simple to install. A must have if you didn't opt in for the Navigation package.
Redwood City, CA

OEM navigation. Plug-and-play card with printed manual. Navigation works instantly. I saved 50% off what my dealer wanted, plus free shipping! Thank you!
Nav card

Card arrived promptly. Just stick it in the SD slot like you would in a camera and it works great. $80 cheaper than my local dealer. Would recommend Med Center to other potential buyers.

This seller showed a very competitive price for this item, which was as described and is working well in my Mazda 3 2015 (4-door). Super-fast shipping, and they combined shipping automatically on another order. Recommend this seller! Love the nav feature - it makes me feel confident getting where I need to go.
GPS card for mazda 3

Exactly as described. Not aftermarket its the real Mazda part. I put it in the card slot turned on the car and bingo it worked. After the first 62 miles i went to the web site registered and updated it. No muss no fuss it works perfect. If you need the sd card for your gps this is it. No problems at all. Also the shipping was really fast. I ordered on first day of holiday weekend and it was here the day after the holiday. Excelent place to do business with.
Sd card for mazda3 gps

Exactly as they said. Put it in start the car and bingo it works perfectly. I wrote them and asked a few questions and had answers in about 90 min. I ordered it on the first day of a holiday weekend and it was delivered the first day after the holiday at 10 am. Great place to do business with!!
Works perfectly

Works perfectly in my 2016 CX5. It was $80 less than the dealer cost and arrived in two business days.
2015 Mazda 3 Nav SD Card
Anaheim, California

First week and no problems so far, installed card, started my car, and was up and running in a few minutes. Checked local dealership and the same card was $80 more. 2 day free shipping made it an easy decision, ordered on Tuesday and received on Thursday. The first routing test was a bit funny, I live near Disneyland, so I set that as the destination and the Nav system routed it and said 41 hrs drive time, "what the ...?", then I saw it was starting from Ontario Canada. I was in a parking garage, maybe there was interference with the satellite reception, sure enough, once I exited the garage it recalculated and updated to 15 min. I would recommend for order of this part and use them again if I need any other parts.

New Nav Chip
Elkins Park, PA

This nav card blows away the Tom-Tom that we had from our 2013 Mazda 3.
And then there is the lovely undocumented feature. Once the SD card is in place, while in mode OTHER than Nav Mode on the screen, the name of each upcoming street is displayed across the top of the screen (the place where, for example, the Volume bar for Music appears). Fantastic.
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