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Genuine Mazda with SKYACTIV

Genuine Mazda  with SKYACTIV
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Product Description
Genuine Mazda with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY Oil Filter Pack of 5, 5 washers and wrench. Change your oil and filter every 5,000 with Mazda Genuine oil filters.

Mazda Newest Part Number 1WPE-14-302
Same as PE01-14-302
Same as PE01-14-302A
Same as PE01-14-302A-MV

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

5 out of 5, Based on 3 Reviews.
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unique oil filter wrench completes the task!
Eagle, Colorado

the oil filter that came with my 2017 CX-5 has been superseded by a new and - different size - oil filter! the (67-65) wrench that accompanies this kit fits both the new and superseded oil filters! Mazda's oil drain plug requires an 8mm Allen key (hex) wrench. In order to use a torque wrench to properly tighten the drain plug, you will need a 8mm Allen key (hex) socket wrench that will fit your torque wrench.
First time ordering from med center mazda!
United States

I recently received this product of the 5 oil filters, washers, and oil filter wrench.
I am giving this 5 starts because the package came right on time with everything in it.
Each oil filter comes in its own box, and the washers all come in one bag. To keep these all together, I put the washers (in the bag) into the empty box that was leftover from the first oil change.
The product number is difference which made me uneasy. But, it fit on like a charm and has been working superb!
The washers, these seem to just be washers that you can get from a local hardware store, but it is still nice to have them included.
The wrench works well. It is not the highest quality, but it works. You do not need to really put the filter on with great effort or anything. Just snug. I would suggest that you do not put the wrench onto a ratchet past the catch. The filter will not seat in the wrench properly. Just a heads up.

Overall, this is a very good buy if you are changing your own oil on your car.
Great first order for my new 2015 Mazda 3
Santa Ana, CA

Wrench fits perfectly. Can't beat the genuine Mazda parts and at a great price.
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