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Mazda AT Shifter Switch 2013 2014 CX-5 2014 Mazda 6 KDY046040

Mazda AT Shifter Switch 2013 2014 CX-5  2014 Mazda 6 KDY046040
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Product Description
When pressing the START/STOP button, the ignition may not turn off on some vehicles equipped with a gate-type AT shifter. Although the shift lever is in “P” position and the engine shuts off normally, the ignition may stay on (in accessory mode). This concern may be caused by a worn switch unit. To eliminate this concern, the switch unit material has been changed to improve wear resistance. Modified switch units have been established as new service parts.


2013-2014 CX-5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM3KE******430747 (produced before Dec. 27, 2013)

2014 Mazda6 vehicles with VINs lower than JM1GJ******162747 (produced before Nov. 29, 2013)

Need instructions on how to install the Mazda AT Shifter Switch 2013 2014 CX-5 2014 Mazda 6? Click here

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

4.7 out of 5, Based on 9 Reviews.
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Fixed it
Peabody MA

Part arrived in a few day's, doing the replacement was a little tricky in 2 spots but only took 15mins. The part completely fixed the problem

Fast shipping. The part fit and corrected the issue. Very pleased and would buy from here again.
Cherry hill, nj

When car and lights are all turned off , tail lights and tag lights remain on. All other lights are off. Checked remotes, fuses, relays. Finally saw thread on shifter switch and crossed fingers. Sadly, this was not the fix. Keeping it in, though because original switch had gotten loose and was slightly worn.
Shifter Switch
Tulsa, OK

Easy purchase, right part and easy and cheap fix! thanks a lot!
Problem fixed!
Towson MD

This part arrived promptly and installation was a breeze. Thanks Med Center Mazda, terrific job and great service!
Problem fixed!

This switch immediately resolved our issue with the shifter not being recognized in "Park". Was easy to install, though it did NOT come with new screws despite Mazda's instructions to use new screws. We used the old screws and everything is great!
Problem Dolved

Engine would shut off but not the accessories. Problem solved with new switch. Intermittent Check Engine light and blinking amber light on the Start button solved too. Saved $200-$550 depending on who I asked.
Excellent and easy to install
Killeen, TX

Had the part within a couple of days. Installed it myself, which is the best thing I did since the local Mazda dealer was about to charge me over 600 dollars for parts and labor. Talk about price gauging! But in all, the part was only 55 bucks and I did it myself. Real easy. problem!

Was having a problem with car staying in accessory mode when shut off. This solved the problem completely and relatively quickly.
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