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Genuine Mazda 6 Touch Up Paint

Genuine Mazda 6 Touch Up Paint
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Product Description
Genuine Mazda 6 Touch Up Paint Applicators 1/3 fl.oz. This new and improved product includes a tip that has a pen attached to a flexible bottle for easy application. If not clear on color please state the last 8 of your VIN at checkout.
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Product Reviews

4.3 out of 5, Based on 3 Reviews.
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Color matches, goes on smooth and easy
Good design
Chesapeake VA

This touch up paint had the roller tip design which is perfect for small chips and scratches. It does not have the brush to use for larger chips. The roller tip seems to work well. Past experience with similar products resulted in the roller tip clogging/sticking. However this product does not display the same issue.

Deep blue crystal touch up paint
San Diego

This applicator makes applying the touch up paint very easy. For a smoother appearance, the paint (after fully dried) can be wet-sanded with progressively finer abrasive paper and finally with polishing gel.
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