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2017-2020 CX-5 Display Repair Kit K1Y3611JZA

2017-2020 CX-5 Display Repair Kit K1Y3611JZA
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Product Description
CX-5 Display Repair Kit . This is the display repair kit unit. You are getting a NEW Mazda Factory screen  (SEE PHOTOS). 

2017-2020 CX-5 vehicles with VINs lower than JM3KF******869655 (produced before August 25, 2020)

Is your CX-5 Display Unit having one of these problem

Some vehicles may exhibit the following malfunctions:
  • The film on the center display is peeling off, as shown in the illustration below. This may be caused by cleaning the center display surface. Water and/or a cleaning solution may get into the scratches on the film and cause the film to start peeling. To eliminate this concern, the anti-reflective film has been modified to reduce scratches during cleaning.
  • The map on the center display may scroll by itself without operating the map (ghost touch). The thermal expansion and contraction of the touch panel may cause a deformation. Loosening of the touch panel resulting in increased wire resistance may be causing the map malfunction. To eliminate this concern, a protection film has been added in the touch panel to prevent deformation.
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Exact Fix

Daughter's CX-5 was having the "Ghost Touch" issue. 2 Closest Mazda dealers wanted $275 for repair kit and would not budge on price. Got it here for $233.75 shipped to our house in only 3 or 4 days. Watched YouTube video made by actual Mazda repair person on how to install kit. Very easy. So far it's been about 2 weeks and "Ghost Touch" appears to be gone.
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