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Genuine Mazda Key Knob Smart Keyless Knob NF5166141A02-D6Y176142

Genuine Mazda Key Knob  Smart Keyless Knob NF5166141A02-D6Y176142
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Product Description
Genuine Mazda Key Knob Smart Keyless Knob lost? Replace it with a new Mazda Smart Keyless Knob . This is the one on the steering wheel.You are getting the inner and outer. We have found out that most customer need both.
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5 out of 5, Based on 7 Reviews.
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This worked perfectly on my 2006 Miata!
OEM Parts - can't go wrong

These are wrapped MAZDA parts, snapped in in 15 seconds, absolutely perfect fit as you would expect. You can use the key without these two pieces, but I really grew used to just turning the knob and it was well worth the cost to keep my level of irritation at life's daily 1st world problems at bay.
Glad I found Med Center
Allentown, PA

Purchased a used 2006 Mazda Miata and shortly after I received it the keyless start knob came off in my hard and wouldn't stay on. After a frustrating search I found the item I needed on med center. They sold the outer piece and the inner piece together and although I didn't think I needed both, when it arrived I saw they were right - my inner plastic piece was missing! Installed the knob in a minute and I was good to go. Perfect fit and a lot of money saved! Thanks Med Center Mazda!
Very Quick Turnaround!

I found Med Center when I was just poking around on the internet looking for a replacement for the broken key knob on my 2006 Miata. The site was easy to navigate, the part description was clear, and the item arrived very quickly. Much appreciated!
Mazda Miata Key Knob
Las Cruces, NM

worked perfectly. Local dealer wanted $900.00 to replace the ignition when all it need was a plastic cover piece. You are the Best!

Received correct part very quickly after ordering. Works great.
keyless knob
flagler beach

Perfect fit glad to have keyless back
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