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Home > 2010-2019 Mazda Parts > Mazda 6 Parts | Mazda 6 Accessories 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 > Mazda 6 Maintenance Parts 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 > Mazda SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Oil Filter, Drain Plug Washer and 5 Quarts of Mazda 0w20 Moly Oil

Mazda SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Oil Filter, Drain Plug Washer and 5 Quarts of Mazda 0w20 Moly Oil

Mazda SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Oil Filter, Drain Plug Washer and 5 Quarts of  Mazda 0w20 Moly Oil
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Product Description
Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY Oil Filter, Drain Plug Washer and 5 Quarts of Mazda 0w20 Moly Oil. Everything you need to do an oil change your Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. Mazda recommends every 5,000 to 7,500 miles for an oil and filter change.

Mazda Newest Part Number 1WPE-14-302
Same as PE01-14-302
Same as PE01-14-302A
Same as PE01-14-302A-MV

This item only ships UPS

Mazda SKYACTIV-G 2.0 takes Oil and oil filter replacement 4.4 quarts of oil.
Mazda SKYACTIV-G 2.5 takes Oil and oil filter replacement 4.8 quarts of oil.
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4.9 out of 5, Based on 19 Reviews.
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Mazda original filter and oil

Great item and fast shipping. Original parts. Highly recommended!
Great for DIY oil changes

Great product and fast shipping. Ordered 3 and came with free shipping and nice surprise key fob cover! HIghly recommend buying from Med Center Mazda
Great for an easy DIY oil change

My local Mazda dealer does not use this oil so I decided to do my own oil changes. This is a great deal from Med center Mazda. I buy enough for 2 or 3 changes to nab the free shipping.
Great Price & As Described
Southwwestern, VA

Purchased due to local dealer not using this factory Mazda oil. Although we just purchased a 2017 CX-5, I ordered 3 of these for the future. Price is not that much more than a oil change with Mobil 1 and I know I'm getting the high moly content that the Skyactiv engines require. Shipping was fast and packaging was secure.
Great for DIY oil change

Oddly enough my local dealer doesn't use the Mazda oil so I do it myself. I buy 3 of these at a time to get the free shipping so price is as good as I could find anywhere.
Great product, on time delivery

Very easy
Richardson, TX

Simple and quick to order and receive and top quality, manufacturer parts. Changing the oil on my Mazda 6 is a breeze and I avoid the hassle and high cost of a visit to the Dealer service and/or parts dept!
Yucaipa, CA

Perfect sale and fast shipping. I like using a factory filter, and the Mazda oil has got to be as good or better than, say, Mobil 1
I think the price is good, plus I received it in less than a week in So. Calif.
They changed the filter!

Mazda changed the filter such that the old oil filter wrench will no longer work. Luckily, the new filter (1WPE) uses the same filter wrench as all the Honda engines, so I have one on hand that will work.

Overall good product though, good to use pen parts during warranty period especially.
Delivered On Time and As Promised
New England

Order was delivered on time and as promised. Great price too!
Great price, fast delivery

Can't beat the price and the delivery was extremely fast. Products are as advertised and I will definitely be purchasing from this seller again.
Great customer service

Like others said, med center carries the actual recommended oil per the owners manual. The difference appears to be the moly content which is 4x higher than Mobil 1 (what my local dealer recommended). has analysis data that shows the additive differences.

My main reason for wanting the moly oil is to make sure I achieve the estimated mpg numbers. Also, plan to keep the car for a while, so the high moly oil may make long term difference over 200k miles of operation.
Nuff said. I have ordered 4 kits so far

If you are able to change your own oil, this is the way to go.
Best oil for you SkyActiv engine
San Jose

This is the original OEM synthetic oil from Mazda. Its formulation include Moly, which reduces friction and improves fuel economy.

The kit includes all you'll need to change the oil, with a tad bit of extra oil. This ships on time and arrives using ground shipment. You do need to buy $150 worth to get free shipping (used to be lower...).
Quick shipping, good deal

It's Mazda's recommended moly oil for the CX-5 and this is a good deal. You can even get it cheaper if you buy several of these oil change kits to reach $100. Shipping will be free.
Just what I needed
Eagle Point, Oregon

Quick shipping and top rate product. It is much easier to place an order here than try to chase these items down at our local dealer.
Great Service, Quick Delivery

Had found MedCenter Mazda on the Mazda 24/7 Forum
and heard nothing but positive reviews. So, when I puchased
my 2016 CX-5, I ordered 2 Moly Oil Change Kits. Ordering was fast and easy online and they arrived with 2 days !!!!
Very Pleased all around, and will be ordering again when these 2 sets are gone. The pricing was very good and when combined with other items coming to over 100.00 the shipping is Free, hard to beat a deal like that.

Every time I order from Med Center Mazda the shipping is quick and the products are top notch. They carry the sought after Mazda Moly oil that I have tried to get from local dealerships, only to get shuffled some other brands and/or told that it doesn't exist or they can't get it. Good company to deal with.

I ordered this lubricant, and assorted parts, from Med Center Mazda about two weeks ago. They shipped it promptly, in a discrete brown box. UPS dropped it by, I signed for it, and it is now mine! Thanks, Med Mazda!
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