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Mazda CX-5 Remote Mobile Start Kit (2016 Model Only)

Mazda CX-5 Remote Mobile Start Kit (2016 Model Only)
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Product Description
Mazda CX-5 Remote Mobile Start Kit includes The Remote Main Kit, Installation Kit and an Hood Switch (2016 model only).Enhance your driving experience with Mazda Mobile Start. Mazda CX-5 Mobile Start is the only way to control a number of your vehicle's settings remotely through your smartphone. Use Mazda Mobile Start to:
  • Start, Lock, or Unlock your Mazda CX-5
  • Activate your Mazda's climate control setting before you get into your vehicle
  • Protect you and your loved ones with the Panic Alarm feature
  • Locate where your vehicle is parked from virtually anywhere

    Your Mazda Mobile Start purchase even includes 1-year of complimentary service. Plus, you can feel confident in your purchase since it's backed by Mazda's Genuine Accessory Warranty.*


    • App Home Screen
    • Shows the status of your car
    • "ENGINE" - Know at a glance if your engine is On or Off. Once the MMS App has communicated with your car, the Home Screen will tell you if your vehicle has been started or stopped by MMS.
    • "STOPS IN" - Once you've started your engine, you'll know exactly how long it will continue to run with a simple countdown from the preset time of 10, 20,or 30 minutes.
    • "REAR DEFROSTER" - Quickly shows you the status of your rear defroster

    • Engine Start/Stop1
    • Conveniently Start or Stop your engine with the push of a virtual button. Once started, your climate control system will heat or cool the interior of your vehicle to the preset temperature so that, no matter the temperature outside, you'll always enter a comfortable cabin.
    • Door Lock/Unlock2
    • Can't remember if you locked your car doors? Lock them with Mazda Mobile Start! You can easily lock or unlock your vehicle doors through the app - plus get confirmation that it's done.
    • Carfinder3
    • Can't find your car? Our Carfinder function uses "Augmented Reality" and a GPS signal to help you to find it by pointing you in the right direction.
    • Panic Alarm
    • Mazda Mobile Start can operate panic alarm remotely. Mazda Mobile Start can operate panic alarm remotely.

    Please note:

    • MMS hardware must be purchased and installed in your vehicle. In order to use this service, please create an account and register your MMS system through the MMS website. Then download the MMS app to your smartphone. Payment for annual subscription may be required for account registration.
    • Performance can vary depending on cellular coverage and signal strength at both vehicle and smartphone location.

    1 The smartphone and vehicle must be in a location where there is adequate cellular coverage for this function to work properly.

    2 Door lock/unlock can be remotely activated by MMS only while vehicle engine is off. Engine must be turned off first before door lock/unlock can be operated by MMS.

    3 Carfinder uses GPS information from smartphone and vehicle. Accuracy of Carfinder information can be compromised if GPS signals are blocked by surrounding objects such as tall buildings and roofs. This feature may not show accurate directions inside most parking structures.

    Need instructions on how to install Mazda CX-5 Mobile Start Kit ? Click here

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    Please check smartphone compatibility on the MMS Click here

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